Mission Control for Your Team

Manage all your company travellers in a single account, save money and keep the overview.

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What does the company account offer?

Our dashboard and integrated tools make it really easy to organize and manage your business travel expenses.



Get an instant overview of all your companies travel costs.

Download Travel Receipts

Download Travel Receipts

All your bookings are displayed in a list, that you can sort, filter and download.

Travel rule policy

Travel rule policy

Create and edit travel policies for different user groups. Define budget and categories for hotels and flights.

Integration with your travel accounting

Integration with your travel accounting

We are already integrated with AirPlus travel creditcards and HR Works and currently working on more integrations.

How do your employees profit?

Being able to access our travel agents, your employees will be able to easily plan and get help during their trips, saving time and money.

Benefit oneclickbooking



Your employees receive travel recommendations based on the travel policy you have saved and can confirm these with a simple click via computer or smartphone.

Benefit assistance

Assistance on the trip,
worldwide, 24/7

If anything comes up during the trip like a missed flight, lost luggage, we are there for your travellers around the clock on any day of the year.

What our customers say

“ The most important to me is that Mission Control really makes my life easier: I don't have to take care of all the annoying things that come with traveling. The response time of your agents is top-notch, and I really appreciate the personal and friendly tone when communicating. That's why we now use Mission Control instead of our travel agency. ”

Steffi Brinkmann

Steffi Brinkmann
Atlantic Labs

Calculate your savings

Learn how Mission Control can help your company save time and money.

Number of travelling employees: 15

Average monthly trips per employee: 8

Avg. travel admin expenses (monthly): 2400€

Mission Control fees (monthly): 975€

Save up to: 1425€

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most important questions.

How does Mission Control work?

Mission Control is powered by a team of professional travel agents, that handles all travel bookings and supports travellers on the go.

How do I reach Mission Control?

You can reach us around the clock via email or text message. No matter which channel you choose, we will get back to you within 1 minute.

Why do I have to pay for Mission Control while other services are for free?

We aim to provide a lightning fast response time around the clock, and state-of-the-art technological solutions for demanding professional clients, who expect a perfect service. This level of service is something that cannot be offered for free.

How does the payment work?

As the admin of the company account you can choose, if the company covers the costs for the travel and the service, if its split or if the traveler will cover it. The traveler always will get a confirmation page, that allows him to check and confirm the travel booking. Payment methods include direct debit, creditcards and AirPlus credit cards.

Who are the Travel Agents?

All travel agents are certified travel agents with different expertise, to give you the best overall service. In order for us to always be reachable the agents work in shifts. So you don't simply get one travel agent, but a team of highly professional and dynamic travel agents, that consult with each other to give you the best travel options.

Do you have a specific solution for teams?

For companies we have a professional fare, which allows a company to manage their travellers, get an overview of all travels and costs, and allows you to download the receipts. Companies can also integrate with their existing AirPlus-account for an even easier accounting process. Send us an email to mail@hellomissioncontrol.com for further details.

Let us show you around!

We will give you access to your company account right away and get in touch with you to show you all the possibilities.

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